Hello. This is a confessions blog for Gossip Girl. Here, you can anonmously submit your opinion on anything Gossip Girl related. You must remember that the opinions of each post are of the person who made the submission and they are not meant to offend anyone in any way.

These posts are not my personal opinions, they are submitted by others. I simply make the graphics and post them - hate will not be acknowledged.

If you wish to make a submission, just use the ask box. If you have a paticular picture you want me to use along with your confession send the link and I'll be more than happy to use it. All confessions will be posted eventually unless they have already been submitted or are similar to one I have already posted.

I will open and close the ask box according to how many submissions I have to get through. At the moment there is only one person running this blog so please be patient with me.

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